Rock Island 1966 Timetable

Consisting of twelve pages that are half the size of a regular timetable, this timetable uses the same amount of space as the 1961 condensed timetable. Not surprisingly, however, several trains are missing, mostly in the form of reduced frequencies.

Click image to download a 4.1-MB PDF of this timetable.

Perhaps the biggest gap is trains 39 & 40. Once called the Imperial but unnamed and down to coaches only–no food-service cars–in the 1961 timetable, these were the secondary trains on the Chicago-Los Angeles Golden State route. But with this timetable they only went between Kansas City and Los Angeles, and Chicago passengers had to change trains at Kansas City and Davenport, Iowa.

By 1966, the Golden State was the only Rock Island train that still offered sleeping cars and dining car services. Diners and lounges on the Peoria Rockets, Corn Belt Rocket, Des Moines Rocket, and even the overnight Rocky Mountain Rocket and Twin Star Rocket had all been replaced with “snack-beverage cars.”


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  1. How do you take a combination boat and train trip to the Amana Colonies? They are in the middle of Iowa. There is a lake nearby (Clear Lake, I think) where they have boat excursions but I wouldn’t it a train and boat trip since the train is what gets you to your destination. I see they still had the trainside bus service to Rochester, but they didn’t mention anything about “semi-stretcher” cases. I don’t know if that meant you couldn’t be in a semi-stretcher or they took all comers. Bus fare went from $2.00 to $3.00 though.

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